The First Trimester

Before getting pregnant, I never really understood what any of it actually entailed. I knew about morning sickness at the start, I knew that the body’s ligaments softened (meaning in yoga terms, don’t overdo the stretching even though you’ve suddenly gotten super bendy!). But that was kind of it.

I certainly did not expect the nightly pee-pee sessions; barely two weeks pregnant, my bladder started waking me up each morning, screaming to be emptied. At four weeks, I couldn’t last through the night. Now I do realize that becoming a mother essentially means giving up the peaceful nights’ slumbers that I’ve enjoyed most of my life. I just thought it’d happen a lot closer to actually getting that little cutie in my arms. (On a technical note for non-Mums, you pee a lot in the first few months because the pelvis is getting a whole load of love and attention and extra blood-flow from the body, all thanks to the various changes that pregnancy brings about.)

Besides the nightly peeing, there was also a fog of tiredness that enveloped me from around the moment I peed on the pregnancy test and it spelled the end of any and all unnecessary physical movement. For a girl that used to frequently bounce off the walls like a wound-up spring, this change was radical.

Obviously I still had to work and given I’m a part-time waitress, this meant being on my feet all day four days a week so it seemed appropriate to sit on my ass the rest of the time. To be honest, my pooped body wasn’t really offering me any alternatives.

Several weeks into my sloth-like phase and thinking I needed some kind of physical movement, I attempted a light, twenty-minute home-yoga practice, something I used to practice regularly and for far longer and more intensively. The results were astounding.

I spent the rest of the day feeling about as life-like as a battered zombie. There wasn’t a scrap of energy left in my body for anything more than lying horizontal (it was only 5pm). In surrender to baby’s monstrous appetite of all my energy reserves, I decided to stay away from exercise a while longer.

By the start of the third month, I was losing my mind.  I needed some kind of movement. So I went for a short walk up the nearby hill. Success!

I was left revitalised and energised. It seemed baby was finally leaving some energy reserves for me and I made the most of them, continuing regular short hill-walks and the occasional light yoga practice over the coming months.

Bit by bit, I started to feel more like myself, like I was finally getting the old Liz back again. Ironically this was right around the time little cutie started getting bigger and, along with it, my belly too. I might have felt more like the old Liz inside, but I was transforming into a brand new Liz on the outside.

Hooray for baby… Uh oh for Liz!

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