It’s time. Time to get this blog up and running, because otherwise Little Boo will be a very Big Boo and I still won’t have started! And I think there are some fun facts to share with people about the joys of becoming a Mama to a gorgeous little human.

For starters, there’s the poo. The endless, runny, mustard-coloured poo that explodes out of Little Boo’s little bum several times a day (he’s breastfed and breastmilk has a natural laxative in it so…). Yesterday, for example, while I was changing his nappy, he decided there and then would be a good moment to relieve himself right in between nappies.

It was not such a good time I have to say as I shrieked and tried in vain to remove his vest before it got stained – I have enough to be doing without scrubbing poop out of vests and yet this is what I invariably end up doing several times a week.

Pulling off the now-icky vest, I shrieked again as Boo giggled and kicked delightedly, mushing his feet into the yellow goo then slapping his hands in it before rubbing them all over his belly, while I grabbed wads of wet-wipes and scrabbled to clean up the mess before it got any worse.

Eventually, I got the situation under control and a clean vest on Boo, who gazed up at me with those beautiful big brown eyes and a quizzical expression on his face:

“Will we go again Mama?”

I started laughing. I mean, in these moments, it’s often a thin line between laughing and sobbing wildly. But I was relatively rested and in good form and to be fair, had avoided getting poop on myself. I figured we were actually “hashtag winning”.

Ah yes, the joys of becoming a mother; namely laughing along with a tiny critter as you clean up their poop. Who’d have thought life could be so gross and at the same time so utterly fulfilling? Not me that’s for sure.

But it is!

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