So things are a-changing in the world of Liz and Alex and Caraliza is expanding! Well, right now, the only thing actually expanding is my belly and for a slim, bendy yoga-gal, this physical development is quite a challenge.

Where’s my waist gone? How come lately there’s this bump getting in the way when I bend down? And what are these weird pains I sometimes get in my lower back near my pelvis?

Turns out there’s a cute little human growing in my womb and the evidence is becoming clear for all to see as my once flat toned tummy no longer fits my jeans without some major adjustments.

Yup, the two love-birds who found each other in India ten years ago have finally taken the plunge and dived into the realms of parenthood. I always used to think we’d start our family when I turned thirty (such a distant, far-away time!) and then my thirtieth birthday came and went and starting a family still felt too enormously alien.

So we held off until an even more distant and unimaginable birthday approached – thirty five! – and suddenly all I could hear was this irritating persistent ticking clock: tick-tock, tick-tock, make a baby already! So we did.

I’m as ready as I’ll every be, which is not really ready at all but delighted nonetheless. Alex on the other hand, has been ready since the day we met over a decade ago and many of our market friends are quite relieved he’s finally getting his own little munchkin. At least one has worried about him packing away his gazebo, the shawls and jewellery, and a few tiny tots he’s picked up along the way; he’s like a magnet for them, sure he’s just a big goofy kid himself (albeit an extremely handsome one).

So there you have it. The journey from Caraliza to Mamaliza has begun and I’m gradually adjusting both my wardrobe and my mind-set. It’s exciting and it’s terrifying and it’s bringing challenges and changes already so what the heck it’s going to be like once baba arrives, I cannot imagine. No wait, I can imagine: a blur of night-feeds, nappies, irrational mood-swings and a fair-few sleep-deprived tears.

But sure, I’ve been dealing with the tears and irrational mood-swings on a monthly basis since I turned twelve and over the years of babysitting and dog-minding, I’m no stranger to the joys of cleaning up poop. In fact, it’s quite possible I’m going to manage it a lot better than Alex who gags at the mere thought of it.

The first baby is such a big step, isn’t it, bringing about that life-changing transition into parenthood. It’s daunting and scary and full of new territory to explore. But it’s also full of promise and excitement and new adventures. And at the end of the day, however tough some of it gets, there’ll always be chocolate and naps and hugs from Alex, so…

I reckon I got this.

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