It’s amazing, isn’t it, how someone so tiny can so completely take over your life…

lizzie lou and little boo

Our entire lives now revolve around Little Boo and his wants and needs, from pooey nappies (see this blog-post) to entertaining him with play-time to the endless feeds. And then there’s the sleeping: I never realized before having Boo that getting babies to sleep is an art-form.

Gradually, I have learned some of the tricks and bits that work for Boo for his naps, the main one being the sling. Pop him in it just when he’s a bit tired and then either stroll up and down the hall or play the piano and he’s gone. Sometimes with a few small protests but usually with minimal fuss.

The pram is another good one but only if Boo is in the mood! Otherwise, he roars and wails and not only does it break your heart within seconds, it’s pretty mortifying if you’re out and about. “Look at that, leaving her baby screaming in his buggy, shameful mothering!” Well, that’s the commentary running through my head at any rate. I have indeed walked most of the nearby park carrying Boo in my one arm and pushing an empty pram with the other to keep him happy. If I do it too often, I’ll end up like Nadal (no, I won’t become a top-seed tennis player, I’ll have one ginormous bicep. Seriously, have you ever looked at Raffa’s arms? His left one is literally three times the size of his right.)

Massive bicep

Of course the one sure-fire way to get Boo to sleep during the day is to pop him in the car and go for a spin but that’s a rather expensive and not-very-environmentally-friendly method to be doing on a daily basis.

That’s just the day-time though. As for the night? Well, initially Boo used to sleep really well in his Moses basket, giving Lizzie Lou long stretches to snooze, even if I put him into the basket already asleep. Then he grew too big for it, we didn’t have a proper replacement (he doesn’t seem to like the big detachable bed part of his pram) and then I discovered lying-down feeds (literally as it sounds, I lie down with him lying down facing me while he feeds, and I get to fall asleep without worrying about dropping the baby: #Win!).

Bit by bit, I’ve been sleeping longer, leaving Boo in our bed longer and…. well, this photo should really tell the whole story better than I can:

Lizzie Lou and Little Boo

(Our naughty little Raja)

Yup. Boo has taken over the entire double bed and forced his Dad onto the floor. Oh dear. Our little raja seems to be utterly in charge. What are we going to do when he reaches the stage of the “Terrible Twos”? Help!

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