It’s been some week here at Caraliza HQ.

We had wild and wicked winds to contend with, thanks to hurricane Ophelia.  Seeing the damaged trees all round still, with heavy long branches torn from their trunks, we didn’t dare risk venturing out for markets when warnings of storm Brian arrived.  However, unlike his mad angry sister, Brian turned out to be a much calmer affair and we probably wouldn’t have taken off to the coast of Wales in our white 3×3 gazebo… but you never know!

Meanwhile, hot showers and watching tv are still happy novelties after three days of candle-lit dinners, boiling tea on the gas stove and charging our phones in cafes!  It’s incredible how much you take something for granted until one day you don’t have it.

A prime example of that being your health; I was struck down with a rather horrific abscess in my tooth, in the midst of Miss Ophelia, with the kind of pain that made giving birth to an elephant seem like a sweet alternative.  The silver lining was being able to see a dentist first thing next morning and having Alex and my parents doting on me while I recovered (which involved a lot of napping).

Now we’re back on track it seems, with the weather behaving again, my full energy and the 40th annual Cork Guinness Jazz Festival to look forward to next bank holiday weekend.  The music is amazing, it draws such crowds and there’s a great atmosphere around town.  So bring it on!  (jazz hands)

On top of all this, we’ve been busy trying to get some custom orders with our sweet goldsmith Ashis finished up in India and sent over, stock up on more products, organize a quick return trip to India for Ali in November to settle on a few new designs for our Christmas collection and of course – that time of year – finalize our tax returns.  That, while recently having no electricity and minimal daylight hours!

Our last bit of news is that we’re excited about a change to our brand that’s happening in the coming days.  Our whole image is going to be transformed and we can’t wait to see what you think of it.  It’s still a bit hush hush just yet so you’ll have to stay tuned to find out more!

Much love from us all!



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