Pink Tourmaline Satellite ring handcrafted in sterling silver, ethical jewellery by Caraliza Designs
Pink Tourmaline Satellite Ring

It’s a hard thing to beat, that beautiful excitement of falling in love, discovering that the special human you have become besotted with is equally crazy about you. Oh the nerves, the heady elation, the tingling joy running through your veins… what an experience!

If you could bottle up that feeling and sell it, you’d probably become the richest person in the world. Because here’s the thing, the passionate fervour doesn’t exactly last. All too soon, the honeymoon phase runs its course and slowly but surely you start to see each other for who you both really are: delightfully flawed, perfectly imperfect human beings.

That sounds like enough to call it quits on the whole thing and start over, right? Find someone else to fall in love with… oh my dear, no! That’s not it at all.

Once those rose-tinted glasses come off and reality hits, that is the moment to reflect on the individual before you and what caused you both to fall in love in the first place. Because it could well be enough to make you realize how much better life would be with that person, regardless of their smelly socks or messy bedroom. After all, real love simply isn’t disposable and falling in love can be the sweet beginning to something even more satisfying that lasts a life-time.

Priya Earrings Garnet and Pink Tourmaline handcrafted in sterling silver, ethical jewellery by Caraliza Designs
“Priya” Garnet and
Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Of course it’s not to say that the first person you fall head over heels with at seventeen is going to be your ideal partner for life. And once those glasses come off, there is always the chance that what caused you to fall in love wasn’t based on something real or solid but a soft silky dream that’s already floating away into the distance.

However, we in the West tend to be far too quick to drop things at the first sign of a little struggle, keen to move on to the next more “promising” thing, be it fast fashion, cheap jewellery or indeed, finding the “perfect” partner. This is where we need to pause a moment and consider things more carefully.

Fall in Love Again with ethically handcrafted sterling silver jewellery by Caraliza Designs
On our wedding day!

I found Alex Ali in India, on a journey meant to be a soul-searching spiritual quest that instead led me to a sweet, cheeky, chocolate-eyed Rajasthani boy. Not what I was expecting (nor my slightly concerned parents!). We fell madly in love, we married, we moved to Ireland and then the real soul-searching began, at least for me. My honeymoon had ended and I found myself in a very strange place far away from all the love that had previously been overflowing.

Citrine Cuff Bracelet handcrafted in textured sterling silver, ethical jewellery by Caraliza Designs
“Treasure Me”
Citrine Cuff Bracelet

It took time and a lot of deep inner work to find my way back. But I did – because throughout even the strangest days of confusion, there was always a sense that Alex was just the right person for me. Looking back, I see now that his deep unquestioning love and support for me was the life-line that kept me from going under, that kept me holding on and persisting even when parts of me were demanding for something “new” or simply “something else”.

And then, bit by bit, I realized I was starting to find my way back. The little annoying habits were fading into the background. That handsome face and cheeky grin, irresistible from day one, were suddenly a magnet to my heart. All the values and qualities of this special man that I’d fallen in love with at the beginning were back in high-definition.

Fall in Love Again with Caraliza Jewellery
Liz and Ali

I was, quite literally, falling in love with my husband all over again. We’re now together over a decade, married nearly nine of those years, and I can quite honestly say, I love him more now than ever before. He is my rock, my best friend, my most loyal and faithful (and entertaining!) companion in life.

So you see, that’s what we mean when we say “Fall in Love Again”. Whether it be a luxurious piece of Caraliza jewellery or luxurious merino wool or indeed, your darling partner, the best things in life are never disposable but in this fast-paced stressful world, you just sometimes have to remind yourself why they’re so precious to you.

Once you do that, it’s easy to fall in love again, every day!

"You are my Universe" Amethyst and brass textured sterling silver pendant, handcrafted jewellery by Caraliza Designs
“You Are My Universe”
Textured Silver Pendant

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