It’s that time of year again, when the days are shortening, the leaves are changing colours and the warm Summer days are fast disappearing; in other words, it’s the perfect time to start wearing our gorgeous Merino wool shawls again.

We love our Merino shawls, mainly because they’re so incredibly beautiful with their vibrant colours and detailed patterns, all woven in the Jacquard style (a method of weaving intricate patterns onto material rather than printing on the surface). But there are actually many more reasons to appreciate having a luxurious Merino wool shawl.

Merino wool is naturally breathable and heat-regulating; it transports moisture away from your skin and will regulate your body temperature much the same way it does on the sheep. So, while it might not be ideal in southern Spain during the blistering heat of July (I think even the sheep would be sweating then) it will work well for most of the year, most especially if you live in Ireland.

Merino wool is a natural product, not a synthetic man-made fiber. These days the vast production of cheap synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or polyester, is causing a massive problem as micro-plastics are released into the water each time these garments are washed. With your Merino wool shawl, of course, this will never be an issue. (But remember: always always make sure to COOL HAND-WASH! That is, if you don’t want your beautiful shawl to shrink to the size of a face-cloth!).

Does wool usually feel rough and scratchy against your skin? Not Merino wool! Merino sheep are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep, due to its finer fibers and smaller scales. So none of that irritating scratchy feeling, even if you’re quite sensitive.

Say yes to our environment! A Merino wool shawl is a long-lasting, quality garment. When you buy good quality, durable clothing, you are supporting sustainable fashion rather than the current disastrous trend of fast-fashion and the tonnes of non-biodegradable clothing that ends up in landfill each year.Kandinsky Merino Wool Shawl by Caraliza Designs

And when we say sustainable, we really mean it. A Merino sheep grows a new fleece every Winter while the wool itself will easily decompose. This is a massive shift from the types of poor quality, chemically produced, non-biodegradable clothes that are too readily available in the popular high street stores.

At the end of the day, a Merino wool shawl may not exactly be the solution to the problems of the world’s fashion industry, but it goes some of the way towards changing things. And the added bonus? You will be the proud owner of a most gorgeous, most luxurious shawl that will not only keep you warm but add some serious style to your look.

Sound good? It does to us. And if it does to you too, you can click the link below to browse our gorgeous collection!

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