“Ancient Geometry” Darling Disc Earrings


A stunning pair of handcrafted earrings in textured sterling silver; two lightweight discs with multi-faceted Citrine and Blue Topaz gemstones.

(See description for measurements.)

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Individually handcrafted in textured 92.5 sterling silver, these unique and elegant disc earrings are lightweight and delicate, with two discs that each hold one exquisite miniature gemstone; a round multi-faceted Citrine on top and a round multi-faceted Blue Topaz below.

The textured effect in the silver adds a touch of real character, while the two discs can move independently of each other and thus flow freely with your own movements, making them incredibly eye-catching. These delicate beauties weigh less than 7 grams each – strong on design, gentle on your ears.

Unique and beautiful, they are an incredibly classy addition if you’re looking for a simple way to add real style.


Miniature disc: 18mm diameter

Large disc: 22mm diameter

Length: 52mm

Citrine gemstone: 3mm diameter

Blue Topaz gemstone: 4mm diameter

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