“Pointed Elegance” Large Blue Topaz Earrings


“Pointed Elegance”, handcrafted spear-like earrings in 92.5 sterling silver with large oval multi-faceted Blue Topaz gemstones.

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“Pointed Elegance” is a collection of delicate, incredibly elegant spear-like earrings with hints of tribal style.

These beauties, handcrafted in 92.5 sterling silver, hold two large oval multi-faceted Blue Topaz gemstones. Each part of the earring moves independently of the rest and there are three altogether; the long silver bar, the Blue Topaz gemstone and the pointed silver “spear” at the bottom. This freedom of movement of the earring’s different components creates a fluid movement of the jewellery with your body and is very eye-catching.

Though they are long these dainty darlings are incredibly light and easy on the skin.

Unique and sophisticated, they are the perfect accompaniment to any dressy outfit, standing out best with the hair done up or any short hair-do!


Earring length: 70mm

Blue Topaz gemstone: 11 x 9mm

Shepherd hook: 20mm

Weight: 3.45g each earring

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