Fiery Polka Dot Merino Wool Shawl


A beautiful polka dot merino wool shawl in fiery shades of vermillion, gold and emerald green.  Reversible, it’s bordered at either end by a neat fringe.

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This pretty polka dot themed merino wool shawl has brilliant vivid colours of vermillion, gold, amber and emerald green, a gorgeously colourful piece that’s sure to catch the eye and brighten up the dullest winter day (or outfit!).  Being reversible it offers two different styles in one and it has a neat fringe border at either end.  If your style is bright and bold then this shawl is definitely the one to go for.

These beautiful merino wool shawls dress up any outfit from casual jeans and t-shirt to elegant dresses, while the luxurious yet enduring wool ensures that they are a treasure to keep for many years.

We recommend dry-clean only.

Shawls generally measure 70 – 80 inches long and 24 – 27 inches wide.

Actual colours may vary slightly from those shown on screen.

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