“Soulmates Together” Oval Textured Ring


Size M 1/2

A stunning textured silver ring with a beautiful Blue Topaz gemstone and two smaller gemstones, Green Garnet and Pink Tourmaline.

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Size M 1/2

Our “Soulmates” ring collection features stunning jewellery full of intricate work. Each one is a unique design with perfectly imperfect shapes and swirls, combining smooth polished silver and ridged textured silver and most of all, featuring swirling silver lines that curve out from the ring’s band and connect each of the two smaller gemstones; this detail symbolizes the everlasting connection between soulmates.

This particular beauty, “Soulmates Together”, holds a sparkling marquise multi-faceted Blue Topaz gemstone in a claw setting (with an open back) and the two miniature round gemstones are Green Garnet and Pink Tourmaline, both multi-faceted and both surrounded by brass in bezel settings. These two smaller stones are always connected in some way, on our Soulmate rings, although they may be far apart, while the sparkling blue of the Blue Topaz stone represents trust and faith in love. A jagged hollowed out centre adds to the rugged effect which represents the journey through life to finding the special people in life that fill up your heart.


Ring: 25 x 20 mm

Blue Topaz gemstone: 12 x 5 mm

Green Garnet: 2 mm diameter

Pink Tourmaline: 2 mm diameter

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