I feel a Caraliza update is in order, it’s been far too long. Of course, I could blame our little munchkin for distracting me from business duties but he’s just too cute!

lizzie lou and little boo

Our little munchkin!

Despite our little man’s endless demands, from midnight feeds to naps in the sling to sticky porridge all over him and the kitchen, we are still managing to get lots of work done (or at least, Alex is!). We’re booked into some great events from now til December 24th, our dear goldsmith, Ashis, is back creating more fabulous jewellery (he took a break last month when his wife had their second son), our yearly tax returns are nearly finished and we’re stocking up as much as possible in the preparations for the silly season.

Not that that means things are going oh so smoothly…

Deciding to get organized, we stocked up on our jewellery gift boxes from the same company we’ve been using since 2017. I opened the parcel a few days ago to discover that

  1. They’d used a different colour for our logo; less sunset pink and more maroon red.
  2. The logo wasn’t stamped into the boxes like before (“debossed” apparently is the term for it), merely coloured text on the surface.
  3. The quality was poor; some boxes had blurry text, some had red marks, some had a funny residue like dried glue.

Fuzzy new red one on the left, original pink on the right…

Upon informing the company, I received a message full of apologies, saying that the original company we’d ordered from had gone into administration and been bought out (which I already knew) and they no longer had the colour we needed for printing (which I didn’t know). Considering I sent all our logo details yet again and photos of the gift boxes they’d previously done for us, how they never thought to inform me of this important detail is just a tad puzzling.

But what can you do? While the boxes aren’t perfect like the original ones, most of them will do as back-up and now is not the time to be stressing about sourcing new gift packaging. Plus we got a discount. So all’s (sort of) well that ends (sort of!) well.

And speaking of muck-ups, Alex recently ordered more of our small cotton pouches… they arrived a couple weeks ago, in a dull cheap material with ugly pink tassels. If it wasn’t such a waste, I’d lob the lot in the bin! Alex thinks they’re fine but then, Alex is a man (a lovely man, but a male of the species nonetheless) and men rarely understand these little details. (Aaaand I’m a perfectionist who can’t abide putting beautiful luxurious jewellery into utterly unsuitable packaging). What we’ll end up using them for is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, I need to find a replacement for them. Great!

On a brighter note, however, we’re all stocked up on our beautiful jewellery and merino care cards, our labels and our eco-friendly tissue paper; our professional photographer is getting new stock ready for us to add online; we just recently received a large batch of merino shawls and brand new jewellery designs will be winging their way here soon too.

So not all is lost!

October is nearly over but just before it goes we’ve got the swinging Cork Guinness Jazz Festival all this bank holiday weekend. As usual, we’re in the thick of it in Emmet Place, right by the Cork Opera House, where each year there’s a huge outdoor stage with fantastic live music and a truly vibrant atmosphere.

And the best bit of it all? It’s Bowie’s first ever Jazz Festival and I can’t wait to see what he thinks of it. Everything’s more exciting when you’ve got a little kid!

On that note, I’ll love you and leave you and go drink some coffee. Because everything’s better when you’ve got some caffeine in your system.

Til next time!



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