An Irish-Indian Love Story

It all began when a young Irish girl took off on an adventure to India in 2007 and fell in love with a cheeky, chocolate-eyed Rajasthani boy. A few years later, after a colourful Indian wedding, she finally brought him home to Ireland and they now live in Cork with their beautiful son Bowie Kabeer, who arrived into the world in April 2019.

The name Caraliza represents this love story as it contains the Gaelic word ‘Cara’ (meaning ‘dear one’ or ‘friend’) and both our names, Ali and Liz.

Each piece of Caraliza jewellery is ethically handcrafted from scratch by our skilled goldsmiths Ashis (working exclusively for us since 2015) and Kumar (a recent addition to our small team who is a specialized stone-setter). We use only the finest gemstones for all our pieces, responsibly sourced in Jaipur (Ali’s hometown and the global gemstone “capital”) and expertly hand-cut by master stone-cutters, many of whom are close friends and family of Ali.

The entire process from raw lump of silver to the polished exquisite finished piece is done by these two men, using traditional tools and methods; our jewellery is not machine-made or mass produced. We cherish this aspect of our business because it means that no two pieces are exactly the same; each one is utterly unique. Sometimes you may find slight imperfections, a natural result of the handcrafting process that we believe adds character and individuality to our treasures.

The jewellery is our main passion but we complement it with our vibrant luxurious pure Merino wool shawls, responsibly sourced from a small family-run business.

The Irish-Indian love story is the heart and soul of Caraliza which links Ireland and India, deep love and friendship, beauty and elegance, ethical values and quality workmanship, luxury and unique style.

Most of all though, Caraliza links Ali and Liz and their love of creating exquisite jewellery.

If we inspire you with anything, we hope we can inspire you to fall in love again, not just with our jewellery, or our story, but with the magic of life!

Ashis creating our special seed-pod earring collection

chunky silver rings – one of our classic designs

Ali and Ashis working on some new bracelets

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