“fall in love again”

When Liz travelled all the way to India in 2007, she never anticipated finding love along the way, yet this is exactly what happened when she bumped into her Rajasthani Prince, Alex Ali, and a couple years later, after a colourful Indian wedding, she finally brought him home to Ireland. They now live in Cork with their beautiful son Bowie Kabeer, who arrived into the world in April 2019.

This Irish-Indian love-story is the heart and soul of Caraliza, a name which combines the Gaelic word Cara (meaning ‘friend’ or ‘dear one’) and Ali and Liz, creative designers of these skilfully hand-crafted treasures, made to be loved forever.

Caraliza links Ireland and India, deep love and friendship, beauty and elegance, ethical values and quality workmanship, luxury and unique style.

Most of all though, Caraliza links Ali and Liz and their love of creating exquisite jewellery.

Treat yourself to something special, something to cherish for years to come, and always take a chance to fall in love again.

Ashis creating our special seed-pod earring collection

chunky silver rings – one of our classic designs

Ali and Ashis working on some new bracelets

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